More About Me

Earl Butler's
passion for his profession, strong work ethic, and great adoration to his customers and clients have made him an up and coming trailblazer in the real estate professional.

Earl's indubitable love for facilitating the home selling and buying process, and belief that all his clients deserve an equally high-level direction and obligation, Earl presents his clients with the most relevant opportunities and best options based on their needs.

Originally from Savannah, Georgia Earl made the conscientious decision to broaden his family's views and opportunities and found the Maryland area to be a great transition point.

Earl has been honing his skill and drive for the past 17 years providing the best customer service in the fields of education where he spent a short time as a pre-k students aid to an extensive career in retail distribution for indoor/outdoor supply giant Home Depot.

As a real estate agent, Earl has been able to incorporate the skills he has mastered serving vendors peers and associates allowing him to provide the competence personality and trustworthy service deserving of his clients.

Why the Realty ONE ?
For the first time in his career Earl strongly believe he has found a group of Realtors  that agrees with his drive and desire to set a standard of service of which is inclusive to all participating consumers in the Real Estate Market.

~ Live Your Dream~